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Dedicated RapidDelivery Servers

If you need to send several million emails per month or would like to offer email delivery services to your own clients, a Dedicated RapidDelivery server might be the right solution for you. Dedicated RapidDelivery servers are fully managed.  Using our SDK, you may even integrate RapidDelivery into your existing software.

If you send more than 100,000 emails on a daily basis, a dedicated RapidDelivery will be a highly convenient and cost-efficient solution.

Dedicated RapidDelivery Servers are fully managed and come with exactly the same benefits that the other RapidDelivery accounts provide, plus several advantages:

For example, you will not only receive one dedicated IP address for delivering your mailings, but four of them, and of course, you may add as many as you like (in packages of four, at an additional fee).

You may chose any domain name for your RapidDelivery server and also customize the design of the online reporting and management system to match your corporate standard.

It is possible to setup as many different RapidDelivery accounts as you like, so you can easily resell RapidDelivery services using your own label.

Furthermore, as you are the only user of your dedicated server, you maintain full control and receive optimal performance.

You can either use your dedicated RapidDelivery server through EmailUnlimited like any other RapidDelivery account, or you can use our API to write your own client application or integrate RapidDelivery with your existing software.


  • Dedicated RapidDelivery Server based on Windows 2003 Server with MySQL.

  • Web-based User Management System to manage user accounts.

  • Priority Support to keep your dedicated system run smoothly

  • Modular system that grows with your business

  • Full web-based click/view tracking and reporting system

  • Full web-based delivery reporting system

  • Automatic Unsubscribe Management system


Use a dedicated RapidDelivery Server to

  • Cost-effectively provide RapidDelivery for a number of desks throughout your company.

  • Conveniently deliver more than 100,000 emails on a daily basis.

  • Resell RapidDelivery accounts to your clients and generate a solid residual income stream for your business.

  • Integrate RapidDelivery into your existing email application.


We got the following dedicated plans available. For each plan, there is a $950 setup fee and a three month minimum commitment.

Dedicated Plan Pricing/Month
Dedicated 3000 US$ 1,590.00
Dedicated 6000 US$ 2,490.00

In case you need to send more emails than mentioned above, you can easily expand your system by adding additional RapidDelivery servers to the network.


As a dedicated customer, you can be certain that you will receive absolute priority support. We will be glad to help you integrate RapidDelivery into your existing environment and make certain that all operations run smoothly all the time.


If you would like to learn more about RapidDelivery dedicated servers, please get in touch with John Vorwerk through john@4officeautomation.com or call 1-866-EMAILUN.


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