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Extract Data From Your Email Receipts And Put It Into Almost Any Database

Do you receive leads from different sources? Order from different payment providers? Requests from a variety of web forms? Now you can use EmailUnlimited to parse these emails automatically and enter the records into your database.

Do you regularly receive emails that contain contact information or other data in the message text?

Then EmailUnlimited will be the right solution for you:

EmailUnlimited will automatically search your incoming email for emails that contain contact data or other data according to the rules you specify.

When it finds an email that contains data, EmailUnlimited will automatically extract the information and store it in a database of your choice.

Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily extract data from

  • incoming emails in your POP3 email account

  • emails in your inbox of almost any email client.

  • from any email in any folder of your Microsoft Outlook or Eudora email client.

and export it to:

  • Microsoft Access databases

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

  • dBase III, IV and V databases

  • ODBC compliant databases

  • Outlook Contact Lists

  • ACT! 6.0 databases

Setting-up EmailUnlimited to extract data from your emails is real easy:

First of all, select the email account that EmailUnlimited shall use to extract your emails from. The email account can be your default email client, any email folder from Microsoft Outlook or Eudora or a POP3 email box. EmailUnlimited will only process emails that are marked as unread.

In the next step, specify how EmailUnlimited shall recognize the emails that shall be parsed. This can be done through a choice of keywords in the subject line or message text, it can be all emails that have been sent to a certain email address or it may also be any email that arrives.  


Finally, you need to tell EmailUnlimited how it shall parse data from incoming emails. It can look for certain keywords in a text and then specify delimiters that delimit the data item from the rest of the email text. This can either be done manually....

 ....or you may  use the automatic configuration tool. Then you only need to copy and paste a sample email and let EmailUnlimited configure data extraction automatically: 

Last but not least, EmailUnlimited also allows you to specify how it shall take care of duplicate receipts: 


All you need to do it copy and paste a sample email into EmailUnlimited, and the program will analyze it and match the fields in your emails to the fields in your database.

Extract All Information From Your Emails

Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily extract:

  • Delimited fields in the message text

  • From, To and Subject Line

  • The complete message text

  • The Time and Date when the email arrived

  • Any XML date

A Flexible Solution For Data Extraction And More

Use EmailUnlimited to extract data from

  • Merchant email receipts, such as receipts from PayPal or Authorize.net or Amazon Marketplace confirmations

  • Receipts from web forms, such as newsletter sign-up or registration forms

  • Responses from email surveys

  • Purchased leads that are delivered to you via email

EmailUnlimited can even recognize data in XML format, and of course, you can import unlimited fields.

EmailUnlimited Goes Beyond Extracting Data...

Of course, there is a lot more to EmailUnlimited than simply importing data from your emails.

Using EmailUnlimited, for example, you can also send automatic html follow-up auto responses, broadcast mailings to your complete database and have your database maintained automatically.

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