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setup Unlimited Follow-up auto responders

Use EmailUnlimited to easily setup unlimited follow-up auto responders. This ensure that you will automatically follow-up with all important key contacts. Show your customers how much you care about them, and provide them an easy way to get back to you via email.

The Perfect Solution For Automatically Following-Up With All Your Customers

Do you need to regularly stay in touch with your customers?

Would you like to follow-up with all your sales opportunities and watch if they are still interested?

Or is your intention building a powerful email course that builds trust and makes your subscribers confident to buy from you?

If your answer if yes to any of those questions, EmailUnlimited will be the perfect solution for you:

Apart from sending mailings to your list, EmailUnlimited also offers another extremely powerful tool: the integrated follow-up auto responder.

   EmailUnlimited - Easily Manage Follow-up Auto Responses

What is a follow-up auto responder?

A follow-up auto responder is a program that sends a sequence of email messages in certain intervals to people who are added to your list. This makes it a great tool for building a strong relationship to your customers.

Here are examples for using follow-up auto responders:

  • Create a course about a subject related to your products. Put the messages as a sequence to a follow-up auto responder, and everyone who attends will receive a new lesson per day (or any other interval you prefer, e.g. once a week). This all works automatically, without needing your interaction.
  • Add a form to your web site for visitors who want to receive additional information via email. The follow-up auto responder will automatically send the requested information, and a couple of days later ask for their input.

  • Automate your product delivery. If you ship products electronically, such as software or e-books, you can easily set up EmailUnlimited to automatically ship your products via email.

  • Send thank you notes. Whenever somebody submits an order, send your new customer a thank you message. A few days later, you ask if he or she is satisfied with your product, and offer support if necessary. Your customers will love you for being so attentive!

  • Send post-purchase follow-up messages. This is the best way of selling additional products, because your existing customers are those people who are most likely to buy from you again.

  • Schedule auto responses to be delivered on a special day of the week! This is ideal when offering a course that comes to your recipients on the weekend, when they have more time for reading it.

In contrast to most other solutions, EmailUnlimited even collects the addresses of people who sign-up for your auto responder, and thus adds additional value to your customer lists.

Automatic Follow-up Emails That Look Like Personal Emails From You!

Follow-up emails don't need to look like computer generated standard email notifications.

With EmailUnlimited's enhanced personalization technology, your follow-up emails will look like personal hand-crafted email messages, because you can great each person by the name and personalize the email even further using additional customization features.

And believe me: your customers will love being greeted individually. It shows that you are taking care of them, and that you are serious about their business. Thus, they are much more likely to respond to your offer when they see their name in your emails. And that means: additional revenue at zero cost!

Easily personalize your emails via drag & drop.
Of course, you may use all fields your database provides.

In EmailUnlimited, you can add personalization easily via drag and drop. And you can not only personalize the message text, but also the to line and subject line. If you want to, you may even attach files to your messages, e.g. for sending multi-page brochures in PDF format.

Send Email On Sunday...

Do you want your follow-up emails to delivered on a special day of the week?

EmailUnlimited will do the trick! For instance, if you offer a follow-up series of bible lessons for kids that shall be delivered on Sunday, all you need to do is tell EmailUnlimited to send those messages on Sunday only.

This way, you can pick the day of the weeks when your recipients have the time to read your messages, which is ideal if you offer training courses or "day of the week" specials.

Always Know The Status Of Your Contacts

You got a list of contacts who have signed-up for a trial.

But you don't hear from them. You don't know if they are still interested, or if they have moved on.

Using EmailUnlimited follow-up auto responders, however, it is easy to find out:

Simply put your contacts on a follow-up auto responder that asks your prospects how they are getting along with your trial.

People who are truly interested will love your service and respond with further questions or tell you how far they have come with their decision-making process.

From those who do not respond, you can at least see if they have read your email and clicked on a link. Now you can distinguish between those contacts who are almost ready to buy,  those you need to do further follow-up with and those you can delete right away.

Don't Want You Competitors To Listen In?

Turn them off! Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily manage an exclusion list that automatically prevents that EmailUnlimited sends your announcements and follow-up messages to your competitors.

All you need to do is add the domain names of your competitors to a special exclusion list, and EmailUnlimited will not send emails to any of those addresses!

If you are looking for an easy and flexible solution to automatically follow-up with customers and prospects, EmailUnlimited is the right tool for you. Click below to download your free EmailUnlimited trial and put your email follow-up on auto-pilot in a few minutes:

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