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Maintain Good Relationships With Major ISPs

When it comes to email marketing, maintaining good relationships to all major ISPs is critical to the success of your campaigns. That's why we have established good relationships with all major ISPs

No matter if you like it or not, maintaining good ISP relationships are absolute crucial to your email campaign's success.

What use is having world's most responsive email address list and the best killer sales copy if major ISPs refuse to deliver your mailing?

Only a few of the major ISPs will deliver your message directly into the inbox, especially when you are trying to deliver email to a very large list.

Most messages will go to the junk mail folder.

And in some cases, ISPs will accept you message first and then delete it.

Yes, the rumors are true: Some large ISP will delete your emails without ever showing them to the recipient. we have received inside information from the employees of several companies that this is done on a daily basis. It may be due to certain keywords in your message text, a large volume of messages or a high number of complaints about your email. These people did not want to provide any details other than the fact that these mechanisms are constantly changing.

Feedback Loops

So what can you do to get your email delivered despite these heavy ISP challenges?

The first thing, of course, is to stick to the rules and only send emails that people want to receive. People who don't want your email will complain. Too many complaints kill your reputation. And repeatedly sending email to people who complain about your messages is online suicide, you DON'T want that to happen.

That's what we are here for, and that's why we take an active approach on handling complaints and keeping your list clean.

Basically there are two common ways to complain:

1. Hit the "This is Spam" button

2. File a complaint with the email service provider

Hitting the "This is Spam" button is the easiest and most common way to complain about a message. But it is useless as long as the ISP does not tell you who clicked on that button.

However, as we joined almost all feedback loop programs, ISPs will tell us who clicked the "This is Spam" button.

And then we will take care that you will never email these people again by adding them to your do-not-email list.

The same goes for people who send complaints about your mailings.

This way, you keep your reputation clean and the chance of getting your emails into the recipients' inboxes will rise.

Will I lose my account when there are any complaints about my mailings?

This is one of the most common questions we receive.

The answer is: first, we will take care that every person who complaints about your mailings will be removed from any future mailings that your send through EmailUnlimited/RapidDelivery.

If there is a very large number of complaints, we will talk to you.

In some cases, we may restrict delivery to certain ISPs, such as cantv.net who are pretty good at complaining.

In rare cases, we may cancel an account, but it does not happen very often because in 99% of the cases, we can resolve the issue.

We want your business, we don't want to shut you down. Your email success is our email success.


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