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Connect to any database To Build And Maintain Your Address Lists

Use EmailUnlimited To Automatically Build Your List Of Contacts

What use has an email marketing application when you do not have any email contacts? None at all.

That's why EmailUnlimited offers you another powerful feature: Integrated subscription management!

This hot new function of EmailUnlimited will automatically maintain your address lists. If people want to subscribe to your address list, all they need to do is send you an email, and EmailUnlimited will add the corresponding address.

If you want to, you can even build double opt-in lists by setting up EmailUnlimited to verify subscription requests.

email marketing software data editor
EmailUnlimited List Editor

Automatically Honor Removal Requests As Required By US Law

EmailUnlimited does not only automate building your address lists, it will also process unsubscribe requests. Whenever somebody sends you an email with a pre-defined subject line that indicated that the person wants to be removed from your mailing list, EmailUnlimited will honor that request automatically, which by the way is also required by the US CAN-SPAM Law.

Create A Do-Not-Email List Or Delete Records Automatically - The Choice Is Yours!

In contrast to other solutions, you have the choice of either having EmailUnlimited delete records of people who want to unsubscribe or having EmailUnlimited put those records on a do-not-email. This is extremely useful when you still need peoples' address information but want to have them removed from your mailing list.

Easily Import Records From Other Databases

Do you regularly buy leads and receive them as text files or CSV databases that you need to import into your follow-up system?

While most systems force you to enter records manually and even require you to confirm their opt-in status again (which means that you will lose at least half of your records), using EmailUnlimited, you can easily import records from other lists with the click on a mouse - without having to confirm each recipient twice.

Clean-Up Your Address List

Do you want to clean-up your records from invalid or duplicate records? EmailUnlimited Professional lets you easily delete invalid and duplicate records by of the click of a mouse.

EmailUnlimited Keeps Your Address List Clean!

Always Know The Status Of Your Email Addresses

One special feature of the EmailUnlimited Address List Editor is that it always informs you about the status of each email address. Records can have one of the following statuses:

Positive The record is correct and will be included in your mailings
Negative The record is marked as negative and won't be included in your mailings
Unverified The record is still waiting for double opt-in verification
Invalid The email address is syntactically invalid
Relay Denied EmailUnlimited has tried to deliver an email to this address but received a response that the recipient's server refuses to relay the message.
Unknown Host Emails to this address could not be delivered because the recipient's email server could not be found.
Account Full EmailUnlimited has tried to send an email to this address, but got a response that the account is full.
User Unknown EmailUnlimited has tried to deliver an email to this address and also found the server, however, the user is not known on the server.

EmailUnlimited also produces detailed logs on all emails sent, so you will know if your emails have been delivered or not. Using EmailUnlimited Professional Edition, you can even track click and view rates of your emails.

Here's What EmailUnlimited Will Do In Terms Of List Management

To put it all together, EmailUnlimited will:

  • Automatically Add Subscribers To Your List

  • Remove People Who Do Not Want To Receive Email From You

  • Create Double-Opt-In Lists

  • Import Records From Many Other Databases

  • Help You Figure Out The Status Of Each Email Address

  • Maintain Do-Not-Email Lists With People Who Don't Want To Receive Email From You

  • Manually Enter New Records Or Modify Them

  • Point Out Syntactically Incorrect Email Addresses So You Can Fix Them

  • Create Queries So You Can Send Emails To Subsets From Your List

Take EmailUnlimited On A Free Test Drive Today!

If you are looking for an easy and flexible solution to automatically build and maintain your address lists, EmailUnlimited is the right tool for you. Click below to download your free EmailUnlimited trial and put your list management on auto-pilot in a few minutes:

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