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EmailUnlimited Manual

Welcome to EmailUnlimited!

Thanks for choosing EmailUnlimited, today's most powerful yet easiest to use email marketing software.

Using EmailUnlimited, you can send rich HTML emails to your contact lists, create powerful follow-up auto responders and have your address lists well-maintained.

Although most functions of EmailUnlimited™ are pretty self-explanatory, this manual will provide some additional assistance while setting-up and using EmailUnlimited. 


When you start EmailUnlimited for the first time, the main window appears as shown below:

On left, there is a tree view list that contains a treeview with all your campaigns.

On the right, EmailUnlimited will show either the welcome screen or a choice of all available options for the item you have currently selected in the tree view. There are already a number of default campaigns available for you that you can use right away.

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is a project that contains a list of recipients, a set of rules for handling subscribe and removal requests and an optional sequence of follow-up emails that will be send to all new recipients in your list.

In order to send emails to your recipients, you first need to create a campaign and import a list of recipients to it.

Let's get started!

In order to create a campaign and send your first mailing to your list of contacts, continue with the chapter:

-> Create a Campaign

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