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EmailUnlimited Manual

Setup Automatic Contact Import From Incoming Emails

One of the most interesting features in EmailUnlimited™ is the ability to automatic import contacts from incoming emails. In contrast to most other programs, EmailUnlimited can not only extract the sender's name and from field, but even extract data from the message text, e.g. when you receive automatic merchant receipts.

In order to setup automatic contact import, select your campaign and click on the link "Setup Automatic Contact Import from Incoming Emails".

The dialog for setting up automatic contact import will be shown, it has four different tabs, labeled Inbox, Rules, Data and Duplicates.

1. Select The Inbox

Let's start with the first tab labeled "Inbox". Here you can select how EmailUnlimited shall receive emails from that it shall import new contacts to your address lists.

EmailUnlimited can receive emails from your Default MAPI Accounts, Outlook 1998/2000/2002/XP/2003, Eudora and from any SMTP/POP3 accounts.

If you choose Microsoft Outlook or Eudora, you may even specify the folder that contains the emails EmailUnlimited shall retrieve data from.

Please Note: When you use MAPI, Outlook or Eudora, EmailUnlimited will only process emails that are marked as UNREAD, because otherwise it would process the same emails again and again.

Click on Next >> to continue to the second page.

2. Specify Rules

Most inboxes contain a number of different email messages. Only a few of them are meant to be processed by EmailUnlimited. In the Rules tab, you can tell EmailUnlimited how it shall recognize email messages that contain data for EmailUnlimited to import.

The Rules tab allow you to select if EmailUnlimited shall recognize emails by keywords in the subject line, keywords in the message text, by a certain to line or if it shall process all emails from your inbox or email folder.

Click on Next >> to continue.

3. Specify How EmailUnlimited Shall Extract Data

On the third tab, you need specify how you would like EmailUnlimited to extract data from your incoming emails.

There are two choices: you can either setup EmailUnlimited to pull the sender's name and sender's email address and add it to your list, or you can make it parse the message text for data and put that data into your list.

Choice #1: Pull the sender's name and email address

If people send you a simple email with a certain subject line (such as 'Subscribe') in order to be added to your list of recipients, select the first option "Add a new record to the Address List that only contains the sender's name and email address" and choose the fields to which EmailUnlimited shall put the sender's email address and name.

Choice #2: Parse recipients details from the message text

Many web sites have HTML or Java forms that visitors can use to submit their personal data and email addresses, e.g. when subscribing to your campaign. The submitted information will then be forwarded to you via email. Such a message may look like the following message that we receive whenever somebody downloads software from our web site:

The Subject line is:

EmailUnlimited™ download

And the message text is:

Type:            EmailUnlimited™ 

Firstname:      Alison

Lastname:      Kennedy

Email:      alison@4OfficeAutomation.com 

Affiliate:  1000

Date:            10/14/2004 

Time:            8:31:52 AM 

It is easy to understand the data that is delivered. On the left, there is the name of the field in which the visitor has entered the information, on the right side of the colon is the data that EmailUnlimited™ puts into my database.

In order to setup EmailUnlimited to pull data from that email and put it into your list of addresses, select the option 'Parse recipients details from the message text and put it into the Address List'.

The screen will now look like the following:

The table contains detailed instructions how EmailUnlimited shall handle data from your email.

This may look a bit complicated, but fortunately, there is a shortcut: Click on the link labeled 'Click here to have EmailUnlimited configure data extraction automatically'. The following dialog comes up:

Copy and paste the text of your email receipt into the large text box and enter the delimiter that seperates the field named from the values in your receipt, in this case ":".

Then click on 'Ok'. EmailUnlimited will now analyze the receipt and try to automatically match the fields in your receipt with the fields in your address list.

Here is how the tab for setting-up data extraction should look like now:


As you see, EmailUnlimited has been able to recognize some of the fields correctly, while others are still empty.

In the table you can finally match the fields contained in the email receipts with the corresponding fields of your email address list.

It has the following columns:

Look For contains the fields that EmailUnlimited has found in your email receipt.

Delimiter contains the character that marks then end of the field name and the beginning of the value. Normally, the default delimiter setting that you can specify below the table should be fine.

Save Into Field contains the field to which EmailUnlimited shall save the data.

End Delimiter, finally, allows you to choose a character that marks the and of the value, normally, it is the end of the line.

In the sample below, the system is setup to pull the Firstname from the message text and put it into the FirstName field, the Lastname into the LastName field and the email address into the Email field.


There are several other advanced options avalable that let you extract additional data from your emails. Click here to learn more about them

When you are finished matching fields, click on 'Next >>' to continue to the final page of the dialog.

4. Duplicates

Finally, you need to specify how EmailUnlimited shall act when it processes a message that would result in a duplicate record. If you maintain a simple address list to send a newsletter to, the best option is to simply ignore a duplicate subscription requests. In other cases, e.g. when you use EmailUnlimited to process orders, it is better to create a new record.

Choose the options that fits your needs and click on Finish to close the dialog.

Now you have setup EmailUnlimited to automatically process incoming emails and import subscribers to your campaign.

5. Trigger The Automatic Contact Import

Automatic Contact Import is one of the automated tasks.

There are several ways to trigger the automatic contact import from your incoming emails:

Alternative 1. Click on "Process All Automated Tasks" in the tool bar.

Alternative 2. Click on "Automated Tasks" in the menubar and either select "Process All Automated Tasks..." or "Process Automatic Contact Import from Incoming Emails"

Alternative 3. Click on "Home" and select the link "Process Automatic Contact Import from Incoming Emails"

Alternative 4. Clich on "Home" and select "Preferences" to setup EmailUnlimited to automatically process all automated tasks


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