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EmailUnlimited Manual

Automated Tasks Execution

If you want EmailUnlimited™ to regularly check your email and send follow-up messages, click on 'Automated Tasks' in the menu bar and select 'Preferences...'. The following settings dialog will be shown:


In the upper part of this menu labeled 'Automatic Schedule', you can enter the interval after which you want EmailUnlimited™ to automatically check your Inbox and send follow-up messages . 

Then enable the check box labeled "Yes, automatically check my inbox...", which makes EmailUnlimited™ regularly check your inbox. Please keep in mind that you have to keep EmailUnlimited™ running in order to check your inboxes automatically.

The "Exit after checking" function will exit EmailUnlimited™ after checking your inbox and follow-up auto responders. This function is useful if you do not want EmailUnlimited™ to be resident in memory all the time and prefer Windows Task Scheduler or some other automated execution program to launch it at a given time.

If you have installed Windows 98 or higher, you can use Task Scheduler to run EmailUnlimited™ at a set time, maybe every morning before you come to your office, once or twice a week or during the weekends.

  1. Set the interval for automatically checking your inbox in the dialog above to 1 minute. Also switch on the 'Exit after checking' option.

  2. Exit EmailUnlimited™.

  3. Open the Task Scheduler window by double-clicking "My Computer" and then double-clicking the Scheduled Tasks folder.

  4. In the list of tasks, click "Add Scheduled Task".

  5. In the Add Scheduled Task wizard, select "EmailUnlimited™" on the list. If you cannot find it there, please press the "Browse" button to locate your "EmailUnlimited™.exe"

  6. Then follow the other steps as prompted by the Task Scheduler wizard.

  7. If you want to select advanced settings for the task (such as setting it to run repeatedly each time it runs), be sure to select the "Open Advanced Properties of the Task" check box in the final screen of the wizard.

Let's get back to the remaining Check&Schedule options in the lower part. Here you may specify if you want EmailUnlimited™ to ask you before adding and removing recipients to/from your mailing list. We suggest that you keep it on at the beginning, so that you control if EmailUnlimited™ does its work properly.

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