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EmailUnlimited Manual

Tutorial: How to create an automatic Subscription Form for Your Web Site

One of the best way to collect email addresses for your newsletter is putting a subscription form on your web site.

EmailUnlimited provides an automatic function for creating subscription forms that people can fill in in order to be added to your mailing list.

Here is a sample form:

Whenever somebody enters his or her name and email address, the form will put the data into your RapidDelivery account from where it will automatically be processed and added to your campaign by EmailUnlimited.

Let Me Show You How To Do It With EmailUnlimited

1. Select the campaign that you would like to create a subscription form for.

2.Click on "Create Subscription Form", as shown in the screenshot below:



3. The dialog for creating a subscription form will come up:

In the first field (which is labeled "Enter a heading for your subscription form) you can enter a heading that will be shown on top of the form. In this tutorial, we will use the heading "Subscribe To Our Free Newsletter".

In the list below the form heading, select the fields that you would like your newsletter subscriber to fill in order to subscribe to your newsletter. In this case, we will only ask for the subscribers' first and last names, their email address and their telephone number.

If you really want to grow your list, it is recommend not to ask for too much information, otherwise people will be very hesitant to subscribe or fill in junk data.

When you are finished, click on "Next >".

4. The second page of the dialog for creating subscription forms will appear:

In this first field (labeled "Select your RapidDelivery account") select your RapidDelivery account.

In the final field ("Enter the URL of your thank-you page") you may enter the URL of a thank-you page, so that your new subscriber will receive their reward for submitting the form (such as a free report or trial download). If you leave the field empty, EmailUnlimited will direct those people to a default thank-you page.

When you are ready, click on "Finish".

5. Now EmailUnlimited will produce the code for you to insert at the corresponding position on your homepage:

Click on "Copy".

Then open your web site in your favorite HTML editor (such as Microsoft Frontpage), put the mouse cursor on the corresponding position and paste the code.

Please note: The email receipts will be delivered through the 4OfficeAutomation homepage to the email address you have specified on 4. 4OfficeAutomation, Inc. does not record any information that is entered into your form.

Here is how the final form will look like:

If you want to, you can of course modify the text and heading, however, please do not modify any of the fields, otherwise the form may not work properly.

6. Test your form. When you enter your name and email address into the form, the data will be added to your RapidDelivery account and you will be forwarded to the thank-you page you have specified above.:

7. When the form works fine properly click on "Close".

8. EmailUnlimited will now ask if you would like it to automatically configure your subscription rules and data extraction settings to match your subcription form.

Click on "Yes".

EmailUnlimited will now automatically configure your campaign to automatically fetch those items from RapidDelivery and insert it to your mailing list.

9. That's it. You're done!


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