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EmailUnlimited Manual

Setup a Series of Follow-up Auto Responses

The dialog for managing your sequence of follow-up auto responses shows a list of all messages that will be sent to the recipients of a follow-up sequence.


Add a new follow-up auto response

In order to add a new message to the sequence, click on 'Add New Message'.

As when sending a new email message, EmailUnlimited will ask you to select a template or open an existing HTML file that you want to use as an auto response.

The message editor that pops-up after selecting the template, however, looks a little different from the message editor for sending a mailing:

The editor for creating follow-up messages has an additional toolbar that you can use to specify when the follow-up auto response shall be send. If you want the response to be send immediately after the contact has been added to your recipient list, enter 0 (=zero) days. Furthermore, you can also choose a special weekday on which the response shall be delivered.

All other features such as personalization, preview, sending test messages and using queries, are identical to creating email messages for immediate delivery, as described in chapter 3.1 Send a Mailing to Your List

When you are finished, click on 'Update mail' to save the changes to your auto response.

Understanding the technical aspects of follow-up auto responding

Here is a sample that shows you what exactly the follow-up auto responder does when sending auto responses:

You have 3 follow-up messages with the following interval settings:
Message1: 0 days
Message2: 3 days
Message3: 7 days
When a new recipient is added to your database on 01/01/2000, he will receive Message1 immediately. The Follow-up progress field will be set to 1, indicating that the first follow-up message has been sent. NextMailingDate field will be set to 01/04/2000, so that Message2 will be sent on that date (3 days after 01/01/2000).
When Message2 has been sent, Follow-up progress field will be set to 2, and the NextMailing Date will be 01/11/2000. Message3 will be sent on 01/11/2000, after which the Follow-up Progress field will be set to 3, indicating that all three messages have been sent. 

So if you want to keep track of the auto-responses that have been sent, all you need to do is have a look at the two fields mentioned above in your underlying data source.


Manage Your Sequence of Messages

When  you have completed your sequence of messages, you can change their order using the buttons labeled 'Move up' and 'Move down'. To delete a message, click on 'Delete message'. All changes become effective only when you click on Ok to close the dialog and save your sequence.

Once you have a follow-up auto responder up and running, better not change the order or the intervals, because EmailUnlimited might get confused, and either not all contacts receive their messages, or they receive your auto responses several times. For that reason, be careful when modifying the sequence at a later point of time.

Of course, you can modify the messages themselves anytime without getting the system confused.

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