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EmailUnlimited Manual

Manage Contacts in EmailUnlimited

In the EmailUnlimited Address List Editor, you can manage your list of contacts, create queries, and check the status of each record.

Picture: Editing your Address List

Adding a Record

In order to add new records to your address list, click on 'New record' and enter the corresponding values in the table. Fields will automatically be saved after you have entered or modified a value.

Removing a Record

To remove a record, select the corresponding row by clicking on the record index at the left of the table and hit the Del button or select 'Edit' and choose 'Delete Record'.

Changing the Record Status

The icon next to the record index show you the status of a record. It can be one of the following statuses:

Positive The record is correct and will be included in your mailings
Do-Not-Email The record is marked as do-not-email and won't be included in your mailings
Invalid The email address is syntactically invalid

In order to toggle between positive and negative status, simply click on the icon. This even works in address lists that are in a read-only format.

In order to toggle an invalid status, you need to modify the email address to be in a correct format.

Records will automatically be marked as negative when somebody unsubscribes from your list and you have setup EmailUnlimited not to delete records, but to mark them as negative instead.

Sorting Records

You can sort your list of addresses, right-click on a column heading and select if you would like the list to be sorted ascending or descending.

Creating Queries

For each campaign, you can create an unlimited number of queries that you can use when sending mailings and follow-up auto responses.

In order to add a new query, click on 'Add Query' in the toolbar, and the dialog for creating and editing queries will appear:

Picture: The Query Editor

At the top of the editor, you can enter a name for your query. By default your query is named 'NewQuery1'. Enter your first condition in the first row of the table. You can add additional conditions by clicking on the 'Add Condition' button. When you are ready, click on 'Ok', and the new query will be added to the list of queries in the toolbar of the address list editor.. EmailUnlimited will then ask if you would like to run the query now. If not, you can run it later by selecting the corresponding entry in the list of queries.

Edit a Query

In order to edit a query, select it from the list of queries and click on the 'Edit' button in the toolbar of the address list editor.

Add New Fields To Your Address List

If you have EmailUnlimited 6.192 or better, you can add you own fields to your address list, provided you list is in Access or dBase format.

To do so, go to Edit/Add Field..., enter the name of the field and the field type and click on ok. Then the new field will be added to your list.

Picture: Add a field to your Address List

Remove Duplicates And Invalid Addresses

In order to keep your address list clean and tidy, EmailUnlimited™ Professional Edition has a special wizard that removes invalid addresses and duplicate values.

In the Address List Editor, click on Tools/Clean-up Address List.... The following dialog appears:

If you want to remove duplicate values, turn on the corresponding checkbox on top of the dialog and select the fields that you want to contain unique values.

If you want invalid addresses to be removed as well, turn on the check box at the bottom labeled 'Remove entries that have invalid addresses'. Furthermore, you can also delete records that are listed on your Do-Not-Email List by turning on the final checkbox.

When you are ready, click on 'Ok', and the duplicate values and invalid addresses will be removed.

!Caution: To prevent data losses, we strongly recommend  to back-up your database before running any of these functions!


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