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EmailUnlimited Manual

View Sent Items and Reports

The Manage Recent Mailings dialog shows a list of all mailings you have sent to your announcement list or follow-up auto responder, along with the delivery status and date.

A mailing can have one of three different delivery stati:

  • Delivered means that mailing has been delivered completely

  • Interrupted mailings have been interrupted for some reason, e.g. because your computer crashed. You can continue interrupted mailing by clicking the button labeled 'Continue Delivery...' (Please note: this button will only be visible when you select an interrupted mailing).

  • Scheduled mailings are scheduled to be delivered on a certain date and time. You can change that point of time by clicking on 'Edit Delivery Setup...'.

  • Submitted to Rapid Delivery means that the mailing has been submitted to the RapidDelivery server

  • Canceled - the mailing has been canceled

If you would like to have a look at the message you have sent, double-click on it.

'Delivery Report' opens the log file that gives information about the delivery status of each individual message.

If you have setup your mailing to produce detailed statistics about the success of your mailing such as open rate and click rates, click on 'Click/View Statistics...' to show them.

Last but not least, you can also delete a message by hitting the 'Delete' button.

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