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EmailUnlimited Manual

Send a Mailing to Your List

Sending a mailing to your list will be one of the main tasks you do in EmailUnlimited. In order to do so, select a campaign in the main window and click on 'Create a New Message' (alternatively, you can also choose 'Messages' in the menu bar and choose 'Create a new message...' ).

EmailUnlimited will pop-up the following dialog that lets you select a template or open an existing HTML, text or EmailUnlimited Message file.


If you want to create a complete new email, choose 'Start with a blank email message' to start with. Then click on Ok, and the EmailUnlimited message editor appears:

Let's Take a Look at the Controls

On first glance, the EmailUnlimited Message Editor looks like any other email editor, and it is not much different, with the exception of a few additional features.

On top of the window, there is a menu and toolbar that gives you access to all functions and options. Below are two fields for inserting the To line and the Subject line.

Then comes the actual message editor. It provides three views: Plain Text, HTML View and HTML Code:

  • In Plain Text view, you can insert a plain text that is only shown in case your recipient's email client does not support HTML.

  • In the HTML View, you can edit the HTML message text in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get way.

  • HTML Code finally gives you the opportunity to edit the actual HTML code manually.

Below the message editor is a field that lists any attachments your message may have.

From Line

In the from line, you may select the email account that you would like to use for delivering your emails. Click on 'Edit Email Account...' if you need to edit your email account, or click on 'Tools/Manage Email Accounts...' to manage all email accounts.

Personalize Emails

The most significant difference compared with other email clients is the large tree view on the right. It contains the names of all the fields that your data source provides as well as a selection of your own signatures and the fields provided by EmailUnlimited Stationary.

You can use each of the fields to personalize your email message. To add a personalized item to the to line, subject line or message text, simply select it in the list and drag & drop it to the corresponding control. Alternatively, you can also select the field you want to use, press the copy button and then paste it into your message text or subject line.

This way, you can easily address your customers by their names.

Of course, you may personalize the To line and Subject line as well.

By default, the To line contains a variable that contains the recipient's email address. If you want to, you can also add variables for displaying the recipient's name before the <[Email]> text. Or you can enter the name of your mailing list. As you like it.

Add Pictures

You can easily add pictures to your message by selecting 'Insert' on the menu bar and choosing 'Picture'. If you use pictures in your HTML message that are stored on your hard disk, EmailUnlimited will automatically include them as binary attachments, which means that the will not appear in your recipients' email client as file attachments.

Add Attachments

If you want to add file attachments to your message - maybe reports or training material for your affiliates - you can do so by clicking on the button that displays a paper clip or choosing 'Insert/File attachment' from the menu bar . All attachments that will be added to your message can be seen in the list below the message editor. If you want to remove an attachment, just select it, right-click and choose 'Remove' from the menu.

Don't worry if you see "strange" attachments that begin with the letters "cid:". These are embedded picture files that EmailUnlimited has automatically added to your message which won't appear as file attachments in your recipients' inboxes.

Note: Please consider that the larger your message is and the more attachments it contains, the longer it will take to send it. If you need to deliver many or very large attachments, it may be better to provide them for download on your web server.

Insert an Automatic Unsubscribe Link

 Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily insert an automatic unsubscribe link. All you need to do is click on Insert and select Unsubscribe Link to add an automatic unsubscribe link. This link will lead recipients who would like to unsubscribe to an automatic unsubscribe page powered by RapidDelivery that will automatically put the corresponding email address to a do-not-email lists. This way, you can be sure that these recipients will not receive any future email from your RapidDelivery account.

Quality Control 1 - Preview Your Messages

If you would like to know how your personalized message will look like with your recipients' data filled in, click on 'Tools' on the menu bar and select 'Preview message...'. The preview pane will show up:

Picture: EmailUnlimited Preview

The message preview has a toolbar on top that provides the following options:

  • Send mailing - send the mailing to your recipients.

  • Close preview - close the message preview.

  • Send test message to... - send the currently viewed message to a test address you can specify.

Using the controls on the right of the toolbar, you can scroll through your records and see if the personalization fits to your records.

Using the tabs at the bottom of the window, you can toggle between Plain Text and HTML view.

Quality Control 2 - Send a Test Message

When you have finished the preparation of your mailing, it's a good idea to send a test message to your own email address before sending it to your complete mailing list. To send a test message, choose 'Tools' from the menu bar and select 'Send test message...'. The following dialog will appear:

Picture: Send Test Message

Enter your own email address into the field on the top and fill any personalization data you would like to use in the table below. Then click on 'Send'  and a test email that is customized with the values you have specified will be sent to you for your review.

Select Your Recipients

In some cases, you do not want to send a mailing to your complete list of addresses. EmailUnlimited allows you to use queries to send messages to a subset of a list and to select / deselect individual records. Select Tools from the menu bar and 'Edit recipient list' to open the EmailUnlimited Address List Editor:

Picture: Selecting Addresses for the Mailing

You can select/deselect individual records using the checkboxes on the left of the table, and add / edit queries as described in chapter 3.2 Using the Address List Editor. The query currently displayed will be the query used for your mailing (in case of the screenshot, no query, as [none] is selected).

You can check if you have the correct query using the message preview mentioned above.

Deliver your mailing

When you are ready, click on “Send mails”. The dialog for delivering your mailing will appear. It has three different tabs:


On the Schedule tab, you may specify when exactly your mailing shall be delivered.

You got three choices:

Deliver your mailing immediately - delivers your mailing immediately.

Deliver you mailing on - deliver your mailing on a specific time and date. EmailUnlimited will always use the timezone of your computer to specify the delivery time, even when you send your mailing through RapidDelivery.

Spread delivery - This option will split your mailing into several chunks and deliver them over the course of several days. This is especially useful if you have a large list and want to avoid that your web page will get flooded by visitors who try to access your content all at once. This option is only available in EmailUnlimited Professional with RapidDelivery. EmailUnlimited will submit your complete mailing to the RapidDelivery server, and the RapidDelivery server will then take care of the actual delivery.


In order to track the success of your mailing, it makes sense to track the open and click rates. In order to track the success of your mailing in EmailUnlimited, all you need to do is enable the corresponding checkboxes on the Tracking tab.

Track Open Rates will insert an invisible image into each of your email messages that links to a tracking script on a RapidDelivery server. Each time the image is loaded, the visit will be tracked.

Track Click Rates will replace all links in your email message by special tracking links that count each click.

You can learn more about the tracking feature in EmailUnlimited in the Tracking Chapter of the manual.

Please note: tracking is only available in EmailUnlimited Professional Edition.


Finally, the Recipients tab provides you the opportunity to review the list of recipients and preview each message before submitting the actual mailing.

Deliver duplicate emails to duplicate addresses - Normally, EmailUnlimited prevents that a message is sent to the same address more than once. In the rare event you explicitly want to deliver the same email to an address more than once, e.g. because people share the same email account and you want to leave a personalized message for everyone, turn on this option.

When you are ready, click on 'Send' to start the delivery of your mailing.

After you have hit the “Send messages” button, you can watch EmailUnlimited™ create all those messages and submit them to RapidDelivery.

Please do not be surprised if EmailUnlimited sorts your entries alphabetically before it sends them. It does so in order to keep track of duplicate addresses, so that  your email is not sent to the same address more than once.



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