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EmailUnlimited Manual

Setup Automatic Removal Instructions

Sometimes, people will want to be removed from future mailings.

In order to setup automatic contact import, select your campaign and click on the link "Setup Automatic Removal Instructions".

The dialog for setting up automatic removal instructions will be shown, it has three different tabs, labeled Inbox and Actions.

1. Select The Inbox

Let's start with the first tab labeled "Inbox". Here you can select how EmailUnlimited shall receive emails from that it shall import new contacts to your address lists.

EmailUnlimited can receive emails from your Default MAPI Accounts, Outlook 1998/2000/2002/XP/2003, Eudora and from any SMTP/POP3 accounts.

If you choose Microsoft Outlook or Eudora, you may even spefiy the folder that contains the emails EmailUnlimited shall retrieve data from.

Please Note: When you use MAPI, Outlook or Eudora, EmailUnlimited will only process emails that are marked as UNREAD, because otherwise it would process the same emails again and again.

Click on Next >> to continue to the second page.

2. Specify Rules

Most inboxes contain a number of different email messages. Only a few of them are meant to be processed by EmailUnlimited. In the Rules tab, you can tell EmailUnlimited how it shall recognize email messages that indicate that the recipient want to be removed from your future mailings.

The Rules tab allow you to select if EmailUnlimited shall recognize emails by keywords in the subject line, keywords in the message text, by a certain to line or if it shall process all emails from your inbox or email folder.

Click on Next >> to continue.

3. Specify Actions

On the third tab, you need specify how you would like EmailUnlimited to take care of people who want to be removed from future mailings.

You can either have it delete the corresponding records for your automatically, or put peoples' email address into a do-not-email list.

Once you are finished, click on "Finish".

4. Process Removal Requests

Automatically processing removal requests is one of the automated tasks.

There are several ways to trigger the automatic contact import from your incoming emails:

Alternative 1. Click on "Process All Automated Tasks" in the tool bar.

Alternative 2. Click on "Automated Tasks" in the menubar and either select "Process All Automated Tasks..." or "Process Removal Requests"

Alternative 3. Click on "Home" and select the link "Process Removal Requests"

Alternative 4. Clich on "Home" and select "Preferences" to setup EmailUnlimited to automatically process all automated tasks

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