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Convenient Email Delivery through Powerful RapidDelivery Servers

EmailUnlimited makes delivering your emails a breeze. It comes with its own network of RapidDelivery Email Servers that will take care of the actual email merge and delivery process. Fire & forget - that's what email marketing should be like!

When you sign-up for EmailUnlimited, you will not only receive a top-notch email marketing software for your Windows computer but also get access to RapidDelivery.

RapidDelivery stands for a network of high-speed email servers standing ready for you to send-out your email blast. Sending a mailing through EmailUnlimited is easy as 1,2,3:

1. Create a campaign and import your list of contacts

2. Create your email message

3. Hit the "SEND" button

After you hit the "SEND" button, EmailUnlimited will create a package consisting of your email message and your list of contacts and upload it to our RapidDelivery Server, which will then take care of the actual email merge and delivery process.

Yes, email marketing can be THAT easy, and EmailUnlimited is the only package that gives you access to this powerful email delivery network, you will not find this anywhere else.

Who Needs ISP Limitations?

More and more ISPs put a limit on the number of emails you can send through their SMTP servers. In some cases, the number is less than 100 emails per day.

And not only will they limit the numbers of emails you can send, they will also deny you access to legitimate third party SMTP servers, like the one of your web hosting company.

Using EmailUnlimited, you don't need to care about ISP limitations anymore. EmailUnlimited does not use any SMTP server to deliver your emails, instead, it uploads an untraceable package to our RapidDelivery Server who will then care about the actual email merge and delivery process.

And before you ask: no, your ISP won't even notice that you are sending emails.

Plus don't have no bother with complicated SMTP configurations anymore.

You see, email marketing can be real easy, and that's what email marketing should be like.

Quick & Easy Email Submission - Who Needs a Speed Limit, by the Way?

Do you know those email marketing programs that claim to have functions to slow down your mailing in order to stay in line with ISP restrictions?

EmailUnlimited used to have them as well.

But, when we invented RapidDelivery, however, we found that we did not need these feature anymore....so we deleted them, plain and simple.

And you don't need any of these speed limiting functions, either, because it will not utilize your ISP's SMTP server or any SMTP server at all.

Using EmailUnlimited, you can submit a mailing to 100,000 recipient within a few minutes, while though SMTP, it was never possible to send more 2,000 emails per hour.

You see, EmailUnlimited is more than 50 times faster than any desktop bulk email program.

And there is no limit on the number of emails you can on a daily basis, with the only exception being your account size.

Dedicated Email IPs

Having a dedicated IP address for your mailings will make your email marketing much easier and more successful. Is it easier to get a white listing status on ISPs such as Yahoo.com when you have a dedicated IP address. Furthermore, when you got your own dedicated IP you won't be penalized when other clients send huge volumes through the same server. Delivery rates can be raised by up to 30%, and you will get fewer timeout error messages as servers will be more likely to accept your emails.

RapidDelivery is one of the very few email services that will provide you a dedicated IP at a reasonable price, so if you are serious about your email marketing, you should definitely get one when you sign-up for a RapidDelivery account.

If you already got an account and would like to upgrade to a dedicated IP address, just drop us a message at support@4officeautomation.com , and we will be glad to upgrade your account. 



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