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Easily Create Professional Email Newsletters, Flyers and more

Using EmailUnlimited, it is easy to create professional-looking email messages. Either start with one of more than dozen included templates, or import one of your existing HTML files right into the EmailUnlimited Message Editor.  

Select your campaign, select an HTML template and type in your message or select an existing text or HTML file, click on the send button and your customers will soon be informed about your newest products and offerings.

EmailUnlimited allows you to send emails with rich text and life pictures. They will look just like your real world stationary and brochures. Before sending messages, you can preview and modify your email in the integrated editor, and see how it will look like in your customers' mail boxes.

Screenshot of email marketing software
The EmailUnlimited Message Editor
has never been so easy to create and deliver HTML emails with pictures!

In addition you can also provide an alternate plain text message that will be included in your email message, so that people who are on the road or whose email client does not support displaying HTML emails can read your message, too!

Personalize Your Subject Line And Message Text

Using EmailUnlimited's enhanced personalization technology, you can greet every recipient of your mailing by the name. People love being greeted individually. It shows that you are taking care of them, and that you are serious about their business. Thus, they are much more likely to respond to your offer when they see their name in your emails. And that means: additional revenue at zero cost!

Easily personalize your emails via drag & drop.
Of course, you may use all fields your database provides.

In EmailUnlimited, you can add personalization easily via drag and drop. And you can not only personalize the message text, but also the to line and subject line. If you want to, you may even attach files to your messages, e.g. for sending multi-page brochures in PDF format.

Personalize The To Line

Easily personalize the to line to match your list. The to line may either contain the recipient's email address, the recipient's first name and last name or any other text you choose.

Insert Pictures & File Attachments

Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily insert pictures and file attachments into your emails. All you need to do is chose "Insert" in the menu bar and select the picture or file attachment that you would like to insert.

Edit HTML, HTML Code and Plain Text

Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily create professional HTML emails as well as plain text emails.

You can either send your messages in HTML format, or in plain text format, or send both versions in the same email so that the recipient's email client can decide which one it displays best. This makes a lot of sense, because Blackberry users, for instance, can only view plain text emails.

Preview Your Emails Before You Send Them

Do you need to be sure that your emails appear correctly in your recipients' inboxes? Do you need to verify that all personalization and customization features work fine?

EmailUnlimited provides you to way to preview your emails before you send them:

1. Send Test Messages. This feature allows you to send a single test message to on of your email accounts, so you can see how your message will look in your inbox.

2. Message Preview. Using the message preview you can view your email in a preview screen and scroll through all records to make sure that all personalization features appear correctly.

Get Around Nasty Door-Keeping Spam Filters

Will your message make it to the inbox? Or might it be caught by anti-spam filters?

Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily check if your email will make it or not. With the click on your mouse, you will receive a detailed report on common spam triggers that are in your email. This way, you can easily fix your emails and increase the likelihood but up 497% that your emails will go through.

Don't Want You Competitors To Listen In?

Keep them off your list! Using EmailUnlimited's Competitor Blocker, you can easily manage an exclusion list that automatically prevents that EmailUnlimited sends your announcements and follow-up messages to your competitors.

All you need to do is add the domain names of your competitors to a special exclusion list, and EmailUnlimited will not send emails to any of those addresses!

If you are looking for an easy solution to send rich HTML emails with pictures, EmailUnlimited will be the perfect solution for you. Click below to download your free EmailUnlimited trial and start broadcasting your message in a few minutes.

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