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Provide Easy Sign-up Forms On Your Web Site

Do you know the easiest way to build your list? Yes, it is putting a simple sign-up form on your web site. 

Using EmailUnlimited, you can easily create HTML subscription forms for all of your mailings list and follow-up auto responders, without even having to know HTML!

Adding a subscription for to your web site is easy as ABC:

1. Select the campaign that you would like to build the form for.

2. Click on 'Create Subscription Form' and choose the fields you would like to appear on the sign-up form. EmailUnlimited will then generate the code for you.

3. Copy and paste the code to your web site.

Whenever somebody fills out your sign-up form, you will receive an email receipt that contains the complete sign-up data that will be picked-up by EmailUnlimited automatically and put into your database.


Use EmailUnlimited To Create Forms For

  • Signing-up to your newsletters and follow-up auto responders

  • Processing customers inquiries and applications

  • Submitting personal information for trial sign-ups

  • Invitations that you send via email (yes, you can actually copy & paste the form code to HTML emails as well and send them to your list)

EmailUnlimited is a great tool, not only for sending rich HTML emails, but also for automating business processes.

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