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State Of The Art Tracking Capabilities For All Your Email Campaigns

EmailUnlimited Professional allows you to track the success of your emails like no other email marketing software. There are lots of charts and reports that give you a complete picture of the success of the mailing, including the delivery success as well as the click and view tracking.

The EmailUnlimited Professional Tracking System provides you plenty of charts and figures to determine the success of your email campaigns and follow-up auto responders. EmailUnlimited Tracking contains extensive reports on the delivery success of your mailings as well as on the behavior of your audience.

EmailUnlimited will not only provide you information on how often your emails has been viewed and how often people clicked on links, but also who has opened your message, who has clicked on which link and when and how often they viewed your message.

Using EmailUnlimited you can track your campaign success completely from the big picture right down to each recipient of your list. 

EmailUnlimited Tracking is delivered through a web-based interface that has the advantage that you may login to view your reports from anywhere, no matter if you are at your desk, in your client's office or traveling on the road.

Delivery Success Reporting

The first part of the EmailUnlimited Reporting system provides you detailed information on the delivery success of your mailings.

In order to maintain a high-quality list, it is absolutely crucial to know which email addresses are good and which recipients might better be removed from further mailings.

Delivery Success Sample Chart
Click on image to enlarge
Delivery Failures Sample Chart
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For example, if you regularly purchase email lists, you will want to know how many of the addresses turn out to be undeliverable in order to choose the best supplier. Furthermore, you cannot accurately measure the effectiveness of your email copy if you don't know how many emails have actually made it to your recipient's inboxes.

EmailUnlimited Delivery Reporting provides you the following statistics

  • Total Recipients
  • Delivery Failures

  • Successful Deliveries
  • Timeout

Delivery Failures will be split into the following categories

Category Description
Invalid Email Address The email address is syntactically invalid
Relay Denied EmailUnlimited has tried to deliver an email to this address but received a response that the recipient's server refuses to relay the message.
Unknown Host Emails to this address could not be delivered because the recipient's email server could not be found.
Mailbox Full EmailUnlimited has tried to send an email to this address, but got a response that the account is full.
User Unknown EmailUnlimited has tried to deliver an email to this address and also found the server, however, the user is not known on the server.
     Timeout  The server has tried to deliver your email but did not get any response from the server.
Other Error An error has occurred that does not match any of the other error categories.

Another very useful item is the chart that shows you the delivery success by the top 5 domains in your list:

Here you can easily spot which ISPs host the largest part of your audience, and how successful the delivery to each of them was. You can immediately see if there might be some sort of delivery problem to any of the most important ISPs and take action immediately.

Delivery Success By Top 5 Domains Sample Chart
Click on image to enlarge

Detailed Delivery Records 

A very powerful feature that few email marketing packages provide is access to the raw delivery log files. Here you can see the exact mailing status for each recipient of your mailings lists. Feel free to sort the data by the email address, the delivery status  or the delivery result.

Of course you can easily export the delivery log to a CSV file. This is extremely useful for

  • providing delivery logs to your client

  • importing invalid records as a suppression list or

  • following-up with records who had delivery problems.  

A query feature finally allows you to learn the status of each record. For example, if it is important that one of your contacts receives a copy of your newsletter, you can easily find out if the newspaper has reached your customer, and if not, the program will tell you what might be the reason.  

Get access to the complete delivery logs

Click & View Tracking

While the delivery reports tell you a lot of interesting details about the quality of your list, the click & view tracking provides you in-depth information about the responsiveness of your audience and the quality of your message.

The Click Rate/Open Rate/Successful Deliveries chart shows you exactly the portions of those who viewed your message, those who clicked on a link and those who clicked, but did not open the email.

Click Rate/Open Rate/Successful Deliveries Chart
Click on image to enlarge
Clicks/Views Summary Chart
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The Clicks/Views Summary show you how many people have opened your message and clicked on a link. It also differentiates between the number of total views vs. unique views, so you can see how many recipients have read your message more than once (which might also mean that they have forwarded it to their friends).

Total Views By The Hour Chart
Click on image to enlarge
Unique Clicks By The Hour Summary Chart
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The Clicks/Views by the hour charts finally are going to excite those of you whose goal it is to optimize the timing of the email delivery. See exactly at what time people are most likely to read your message and take a detailed look at your offerings. Of course, this chart is also available for the total and unique clicks and views.


Create New Mailing Lists Based On Tracking Results!

You can export these statistics and use it to create a new mailing list. This way, you can send targeted emails to everybody who has viewed or not viewed your email, or a special promotion to everybody who has clicked on the link for one of your products!

EmailUnlimited Tracking - Easy To Setup, Easy To Use

Compared to other tracking systems, EmailUnlimited is surprisingly easy to use. All you need to do is enable two checkboxes before sending your messages, and EmailUnlimited will automatically add tracking to your emails.

No need to copy and paste any complicated codes on your web site or to provide any special tracking links, EmailUnlimited will do it all for you automatically!.
These two checkboxes is all you need
to enable click and view tracking
Of course, using EmailUnlimited Professional Edition, you can track responses for both, regular mailings and follow-up auto responses. 
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