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EmailUnlimited Manual

Tutorial: How to convert Word Document Files to be used with EmailUnlimited

If you need to import Word documents into EmailUnlimited in order to deliver them as email, you will first need to convert them to native HTML format.

Although the newer versions of Microsoft Word feature a save to HTML function, this function produces anything but proper HTML code.

In order to convert your Word documents to proper HTML files that can be used with EmailUnlimited, we highly recommend using a tool like ClickToConvert from http://www.clicktoconvert.com . They offer a free trial of their conversion product, so you can convert your existing documents free of charge.

In order to convert your documents, you will need to start ClickToConvert, open the Windows Explorer, browse to your files and then drag & drop them into the ClickToConvert main screen. An option dialog will pop-up. In order to use your HTML files for sending emails, make sure that the following options are selected:

Then click on 'Create' to convert the document.

In EmailUnlimited, create a new message or follow-up auto responder, and click on File/Open File..., select the converted HTML file and click on Ok.


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