4OfficeAutomation, Inc - Privacy Policy

1. This web site/software application collects the following information on trial users: first and last name, email address, telephone number. It may also collect additional information such as web site, company name, address as well as other optional the user provides.

2. Upon making a purchase using your credit card or other payment vehicle, we and our merchant provider collect the following information: first and last name, company, billing and shipping address, phone and fax number as well as email addresses.

3. The data collected may be stores in cookies, email receipts and databases.

4. The data will be used for internal analysis and for conducting business with you, such as notifying you about new product updates and bugfixes.

5. The data will not be given to 3rd parties, except if it is necessary in order to conduct business with you, such providing the information to the post office for shipping orders.

6. You can update your information by sending an email that contains the modified information to support@4officeautomation.com

7. Changes to this privacy policy will be announced on the web page or you will be notified via email.

8. RapidDelivery: We do not sell, rent, or make available any email addresses or other contact information to third parties that you submit to the RapidDelivery Server for email delivery. The same goes for email addresses contained in log files.

9. This policy is effective Jan 1st 2005.

Do you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy? Please email info@4officeautomation.com

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